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On the CD "Stimm-Übungen" you'll find piano accompaniments on 99 tracks to eleven different vocal exercises (similar to the Music-Minus-One series):

the melodic exercises are harmonized with appealing piano accompaniments as a replacement for all that boring singing of triads and simple diatonic patterns up and down the chromatic scale at lessons and when you practice at home.
The printed music to the vocal exercises is also included in an accompanying booklet wich also contains a translation of the foreword and instructions in English! Each of the first seven exercises on the CD are in all 12 keys, every one beginning in C-major and continuing upwards chromatically until B-major.

That means you'll find the first exercise on track 1 through 12, the second exercise on tracks 13 through 24, etc..

On tracks 85 through 99 of the CD there are even four small coloratura exercise-arias, one each for the low, middle, middle-high and high voice-ranges.

So, practicing with the CD is suitable for every voice range!
Those boring hours of singing triads or musically unappealing diatonic passages up and down the chromatic scale at voice lessons and when you practice are over!

Click here to read a review of Dr. Winfried Adelmann
published in THE leading german music magazine nmz in June, 2000

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